About Chris & Laura

We met in 2004 over drinks with mutual friends in the University of Calgary campus bar. Laura was studying archaeology. Chris was studying political science. Chris skipped his math class so he could keep talking to the beautiful woman across from him.

Four years later, we married in Calgary. Twelve years later, Chris still skips things so he can keep talking to the beautiful woman across from him.

We moved to Grande Prairie in 2010, when Laura took a job offer to develop and deliver the education programs for a new dinosaur museum. At the time, we were traveling across the world, with plans to move to Thailand and teach English, but the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new museum was too good to pass up. And the opportunity to relocate to a new city was exciting.

So we made a plan: we’d move here for Laura’s job, and while that covered our bills, Chris would try his hand starting up a business doing photography and freelance communications work.

When Laura left the museum project a few years later, she took over running of our photo business while Chris took a job for a couple of years as the creative director for a local marketing company.

Like many, we thought our stint in the north was maybe a two year plan. Now, nearly six years later, we’re still here. We didn’t expect to find such a welcoming and dynamic community. We didn’t expect to find our business growing to sustain both of us full-time. We didn’t expect to love living here, but we do.

Aside from photography, we’re both active in the community and the local arts scene. Laura sings, dances, and acts. She also teaches belly dance and is working as the volunteer coordinator for the new Bear Creek Folk Fest. Chris writes and directs films, and we’ve both worked to produce a number of short narrative films and commercial projects. We also love to continue traveling whenever we can, having visited Newfoundland, South America, Italy, the American Southwest, and Easter Island since moving here.

We’re not sure what’s next for us, but we plan to continue developing and improving our business and client base. We love working for ourselves and our clients. Please browse around the site and check out our work. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them.

Chris + Laura Beauchamp


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