Retail Commercial Photography in Grande Prairie

We’ve been working with the team at Prairie Mall on a variety of projects since 2014, including ongoing work with Natalie Linnell, who leads their awesome Specialty Leasing program. This work has allowed us to photograph dozens of local retailers across a variety of carts, kiosks, and inline stores, as well as several special events and other promotions.

Recently, Specialty Leasing has launched the Pop-Up Project store in the mall, which is ideally suited to short term leases from local retailers looking to stage and sell their products and services. By all accounts, the program is kicking butt, and we’ve enjoyed photographing a number of local businesses and their unique uses of this space.

If you’re a local small business or retailer looking to test your concept or just juice sales with a dedicated mall audience, you should definitely reach out to Natalie and see what opportunities she can create with you. The Pop-Up Project is ongoing and currently accepting applicants.

“Chris and Laura of Beauchamp Photography produce exceptional quality of work! Their attention to detail, unique images, and high level of professionalism make any project I send their way exceed my expectations. I have hired them to do hundreds of diverse jobs over the past number of years and cannot recommend them enough! Thank you both for always being so accommodating and all of the phenomenal work you have done.”

– Natalie Linnell,
Specialty Leasing Manager, Prairie Mall

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