Professional Amazon Product Photography & Product Video

We were very excited to get the initial call from the owners of UpBlend Outdoors, a successful Amazon sales company focused on outdoor products including an innovative custom designed wind chime product line. We had done some custom product photography in the past, but had never taken on a product photography project of this scale before this.

The project involved photographing their entire line of custom chimes, including multiple background options, and various lighting setups and product staging setups for each chime, as well as a variety of group shots to be used for marketing purposes. Chimes are difficult to stage so it was a healthy exercise in patience to make minute adjustments to get them hanging perfectly. As a bonus, I also created a custom product video to showcase the beautiful design and construction of the chimes.

The project also required me to create product photos within Amazon’s very exacting image specifications. This included white-background Amazon hero shots, and other technical specs. The chimes are made with various metal tubes and wooden bases which presented some unique challenges to ensure that the various materials looked their best. Matte surfaces are best showcased in certain lighting, while highly reflective metallic surfaces require different lighting. While we always strive to get it right in-camera, the product photography in this project included custom Photoshop work to composite multiple photos together to ensure all of the materials looked their best. We also extended backgrounds and did other touchups as necessary.

With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting in early 2020, this project landed on our plate at an ideal time to spend days in the studio capturing the 20+ product line, and we are grateful to UpBlend for the awesome collaboration. We have since gone on to do custom product photography for various other clients and it is fast becoming one of our specialized niches.

You can browse the full UpBlend chime collection on their website here, and buy directly from here.

Please contact us if you are interested in product photography or video.

Chris Beauchamp

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