I ran into the First Aid Training classroom just in the nick of time. Hurriedly I scanned the room for a spot, “Ah, over there by that pretty lady”, I thought. “My name’s Laura”, I said. “I’m Laura too,” she smiled and we both laughed at the coincidence. Small chit-chat commenced over the two-day training and I couldn’t have asked for a more agreeable and enjoyable partner. We got along splendidly! I mentioned that my husband and I do wedding photography and Laura replied, “Sure, I’d love your card! I’m going to get married one day.” She glowed. Two years later, Chris and I are honoured that Laura and Mike hired us as their wedding photographers. They are a beautiful couple who smile with ease, and we’re happy to call them friends.

In July we met them in Edmonton for a sprawling engagement session, including outside of their Church (Robertson-Wesley United), the beautiful fountain and park at Alexander Circle, the views from the river valley promenade, and a few shots right downtown.

We can’t wait to photograph their Edmonton wedding and the reception at the spectacular Fort Edmonton Park airplane hanger.

Looking forward to it!

Laura (+ Chris)

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