Although we have been mostly focused on our wedding and engagement work lately, we do love photographing families. Our sessions are documentary in nature, so the best approach is to consider it as a little family adventure. We had a really great time with this family, and I think it shows that when you’re close to each other and laugh easily even a trip to the park can be an adventure. These guys also love to play Scrabble and family board games, so it made sense to do a bit of that.


Chris + Laura

p.s. – The funniest thing happened during our session. We were just getting started at the park, breaking the ice with a nice family portrait when a little boy directly behind me broke away from his mom and made a B-line for the rest room, pulling his pants down as he ran. He really had to go, and when he, uh, didn’t make it, it made for a pretty funny series of moments with the Lamontagnes. Sometimes the photo Gods give you little gifts like that.

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