So, one time, our friends Cris and Richard hired us to photograph their wedding. In New York.


Then they asked me (Chris) to be in the wedding party. Sweet!

But also, crazy… How am I supposed to shoot the wedding when I’m standing up by my buddy Richard? Well it turns out, Laura doesn’t need me anyway. She killed the ceremony pretty much all on her own, and once that part was over, being a groomsman/photographer was easy: walk around New York, get rained on, shoot some photos, get rained on some more, drink some drinks, shoot some photos, then eat one of the biggest, bestest Italian feasts we’ve ever seen (and we’ve spent lots of time in Italy).

So, in short: New York rules. Being a groomsman rules. Laura rules. And Cris and Richard rule.

Love you guys. Congrats on your kick-ass marriage.

Chris + Laura

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