Portrait FAQ

Portrait Questions

What’s included in the session fee?

Our 1-hour Family Session is $495, which covers the photoshoot, editing, and digital delivery of  50 to 75 high-res files for printing, as well as watermarked low-res files which are perfect for sharing on social media. 

We also offer a short 30-minute Mini session for $350 which covers the photoshoot, editing, and digital delivery of approximately 25 edited high-res files for printing and watermarked low-res files for sharing on social media. 

What types of sessions fit under your portrait pricing?

We offer several types of session under this pricing model:

  • Family Photography
  • Maternity Photos
  • Graduation Sessions
  • Individual Portraits (such as model or actor shots)
  • Couples Portraits

Are there exceptions?

A few, yes. We tend to charge a per-family fee for things like family reunions and other multi-family sessions. This helps cover the extra shoot time and editing work to shoot, edit, and deliver sets of images for multiple families.

Where should we do our photos?

Frankly, we can take nice portraits anywhere. So we are always happy to do photos in a location that is meaningful to our clients, such as their home, a favourite park, or other spot of significance. If you are unsure of a good location, we are happy to recommend a local park.

We do not have our own studio, but can arrange third-party studio space if you want to do a studio session. The majority of our work involves portraiture on location, either using natural light, or studio lighting that we bring.

We also charge travel fees for locations further than 20 minutes outside of Grande Prairie.

What to wear?

Your Mom took a lot of care to get you looking your best for all those school photos—and she was onto something. Dress up a bit! You don’t need to be super formal, but you should be on your way to dressy. You should wear something that makes you feel good. 

Try to avoid t-shirts, logos, shorts, sneakers and sandals if possible, especially on guys. Any quirky clothing accessories you want to bring (hats, jewellery, shoes, etc.) can make things fun too.

Unless you are super into it, we do not recommend having everyone wear the exact same clothes for things like family photos, or trying to match colours too hard. Sometimes this can feel a bit dated later on, and we find it’s better if each person wears something that they feel great in.

You are also welcome to bring a change of clothes if you’re into that, but it may take time out of your session if you have to go find somewhere to change.

What do you charge for travel?

We are always available for travel. Our work has taken us throughout western Canada, as well as to the US, Mexico, Cuba and Italy. We ask for our travel costs to be covered in addition to our fees. If you have a special arrangement in mind, we are always open to discussing it.

If you need us to drive, we charge$1/km (round-trip) to cover our time and expenses for all locations 20 minutes or more from Grande Prairie. Please contact us to discuss your specific travel needs.

General Questions

Who is Beauchamp Photography?

We are Chris and Laura Beauchamp, a husband and wife photography team based in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. We work full time as photographers, although we do some other things as well. We specialize in documentary-style photography and unique environmental portraiture, with a focus on the eternal qualities of great photography: timing, light, and composition. We have been in business since 2010, although each of us nurtured our own development in photography for years before that. You can learn more about us here.

Why work with us?

First, hopefully, because you like our images. The clients who hire us see something in our style and approach that aligns with their own vision.

Second, because you are looking to work with professionals, in the simplest sense of the word. We have the experience, equipment, and confidence to produce great images anywhere, under whatever difficult conditions may come up.

Finally, we find most clients also hire us because we are personable, friendly, and easy to work with.

Will both of you be photographing at the session?

It depends. For larger commercial projects, events, or things like weddings and engagements, we work as a two-person team, with each of us capturing images. We are each “primary” photographers and are both capable of taking the lead to produce great images. In these types of settings, we are able to cover things from multiple complementary perspectives and cover each other during important moments.

For other sessions, like family photographs, portraits, or smaller projects, we will typically work independently, with one of us handling the session.

Other times, we both may be present, but one of us will take the lead photographically, while the other assists with lighting or posing.

If you want to know which of these approaches we plan to use for your booking, please just ask.

Who is your usual client?

Everybody’s different. That’s the whole point.

Some really appreciate photography as art. Some are sentimental. Some adventurous. Some shy. Some want to push the boundaries, and some want to be a bit more subdued or traditional. We believe in authenticity. It’s the moments between the forced smiles that count.

Our commercial clients want their business and people to look as great as they know them to be. Our family portrait clients want photos to share and treasure. Our wedding couples value naturally beautiful images of once-in-a-lifetime moments.

You can see most of our past clients—and just how different each of them are—by checking out our blog and Facebook page.

What’s it like working with you two?

Hopefully: easy and fun. We strive for an unobtrusive approach in our work, but gently guide when needed.

We know not everyone loves to have their picture taken, and we work with al of our clients to ease into the session. We find that the first ten minutes of any new session are often the hardest, but it always gets easier. We will pose people during portrait sessions and formals, and occasionally make suggestions (such as moving closer to nice light), but we encourage everyone to be themselves, above all.

What do you mean by “Environmental Portraiture”?

For us, it simply means capturing people in their element. Whether that’s a workplace, home, or activity that they love. Great environmental portraiture provides context and insight into both the person and the place. Although we often focus on this approach when we do commercial and editorial people photography, it’s actually something that has grown out of our experience working in rapidly changing environments such as weddings and journalistic assignments. The challenge of finding the perfect portrait composition in a new or difficult environment is one of the things that keeps photography exciting for us, regardless of subject matter.

What do you mean by “Documentary Photography”?

True documentary photography means attempting to capture real people and places without the photographer manipulating or impacting the scene—or at least doing so to the smallest extent possible. It means finding the art and beauty in every-day moments. It means telling stories within the frame of the picture. We strive for this approach during our wedding work, or for clients looking to capture the reality of their people or organization. It’s also the approach most suitable for news coverage and reportage.

For us though, it is something more fundamental: an aspiration that all of our work tells a story.

What kind of gear do you use?

We use Canon 5D Mark III cameras and a variety of “L” series professional lenses. We prefer prime lenses (Canon’s “Holy Trinity” of 35L, 85L, and 135L) for the majority of our work. We have backups of everything that matters, including camera bodies, lenses, batteries, flashes and storage media.

We also carry commercial liability insurance and Canon Professional Services membership to ensure efficient gear repair and replacement as needed.

I have another question.

If you have another question, please contact us. We’re friendly.