Industrial Photography: Wembley Terminal

Source Energy Services engaged us to capture photos of their Wembley Terminal as well as to document their recent sponsorship of the Wembley Arena. Source is very involved in the local community and their sponsorship of the arena will mean some great things for Wembley.

From Source’s website:

In partnership with the Wembley & District Agricultural Society, Source Energy provided $100,000 over five years to support the Wembley Arena and Recreation Centre. The Arena and Rec Centre is not only home to Wembley Wildcats Hockey but is also a pillar of the community with its many programs, fitness room and rec centre.

“We’re very excited that Source has supported this community association like they have. It’s a large chunk of money for us and the board is just completely excited about our future with Source” – Eric Sundstrom, President of the Wembley & District Agricultural Society.

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