A cinematographer to capture drone photos and video of your site

We offer drone photos and video to Grande Prairie, Alberta and the surrounding County of Grande Prairie regions. Of course we also travel, so if your drone needs are in B.C. or elsewhere let us know and we’ll add the associated travel costs in the quote.

Chris and I are also professional filmmakers besides photographers. Since 2012, we have been producing, writing and filming short films, commercials and most recently documentaries. Chris runs a second company (The Distillery Film Co.) with his business partner Gordie Haakstad, thru which we produce most film projects.

While anyone can buy a drone, there are a few reasons to consider hiring us instead. For starters, we are fully insured with $2M liability coverage. Chris also has years of experience operating the drone to further ensure safety and the quality of your final product. Finally, years of photography and filmmaking means Chris has a trained eye in capturing artistic compositions and cinematic shots.

Drone Aerial Photos and Video

You can hire us to come out and just capture still aerial photos of your site, just video or a combination of both. Pricing various with each. Via this link, let us know about your needs and we’ll create a quote for you.

In any of these scenarios there are some considerations.

  • Drone photography can only occur with the permission of the property owner and must be at least 9km from any aerodrome (airport).
  • Maximum flight time per battery is approx. 22 minutes. Our drone has three batteries.
  • Some companies may have additional safety procedures or drone policies that may affect our ability to operate the drone.
  • Individuals captured in the footage are required to sign a release.
  • Drone operation can only occur when weather conditions are favourable. If necessary, we can reschedule if conditions are not optimal.

Here are a couple videos with examples of Chris’ drone work:

  1. Fly Home – a music video
  2. Stringam Law – corporate video 


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